Intrepid® drives profitable pipeline operations with accurate and accessible information

Using the Intrepid® platform, we connect users with the pipeline data, analytical tools, and corporate knowledge they need to make the critical decisions that shape the company.

Intrepid® is an enterprise geospatial platform that is tailored to oil and natural gas pipeline industries– at upstream, midstream and downstream. There are two levels to choose from, Intrepid® Standard and Advanced, depending on what functionality you require. Intrepid® Standard consists of non-spatial editing, navigation, analysis and reporting. While Intrepid® Advanced includes centerline and feature editing capabilities, alignment sheet generation, Class & HCA calculators and much more.

Feedback from clients reveal that Intrepid® reduces IT complexity by helping the IT team accelerate the deployment of applications. Because of its open platform it provides a path to integrate both legacy and cutting edge systems.

Users easily enhance their understanding of pipeline assets and leverage more data by connecting to various datasets through one centralized interface. Intrepid® opens up sharing and accessing information in a way that complies with government regulations and keeps your data current and compliant. Importantly, Intrepid® offers user-friendly workflows that allow staff to quickly learn the applications and maintain data without a technical GIS background.

Using Intrepid® technology users find they enhance operational awareness through a set of configurable templates to access data, specific features, available tools, outputs or even map behavior. These include:  an Executive Dashboard, Dashboard Widgets and Fit for Purpose Web Maps.