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Geospatial & Asset Management Technology

Novara GeoSolutions offers a range of geospatial and asset management technology platforms, including our flagship product, Intrepid® and the well-known Esri technology. Our offerings include a robust, scalable way to manage, distribute and interpret critical data that increases workflow efficiency, user productivity and is easy to deploy and use.


Intrepid® is an enterprise geospatial platform that is tailored to oil and natural gas pipeline industries– at upstream, midstream and downstream. There are two levels to choose from, Intrepid® Standard and Advanced, depending on what functionality you require.
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As a custom software developer and Esri platform implementer Novara has experience configuring and implementing all forms of this geospatial software including Esri Desktop, Esri Server and extensions, Esri ArcGIS Portal, Esri Dashboards and Mobile solutions.
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Novara Products
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Novara GeoSolutions is proud to support you with a comprehensive list of solutions and services to ensure all of your asset management and geospatial needs are met and structured in such a way that you are meeting your safety and compliance goals.
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