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Novara GeoSolutions is proud to support you with a comprehensive list of solutions and services to ensure all of your asset management and geospatial needs are met and structured in such a way that you are meeting your safety and compliance goals.

Preparing for Today and Tomorrow

Whether you are just beginning or already have a complex system, Novara has developed dynamic geospatial solutions that will empower your team and ensure data accuracy. Each solution is built around current compliance regulations, field safety measures, and your organization’s internal needs. As an innovative customer-focused company, Novara GeoSolutions partners with your company so you can make better decisions, increase business efficiency, save costs and improve internal communication. Our goal is for you to do more with less.

For companies needing a complete solution, Novara offers consulting and staff augmentation services.

Newly Released!


Novara’s new product, StationNav, is an intuitive and easy to use web widget that gives users the ability to locate specific events and locations based on stationing values. It’s a plug-in for Esri’s Web AppBuilder and allows users to locate and zoom the map window to a specific stationing value along a specified Route, resulting in targeted searches and the ability to quickly gather critical information. Learn more about StationNav and download the brochure at the bottom of the page.


Novara’s Corrivo technology platform provides a full loop (“office-to-field-to-office”) process management that helps pipeline operators and utilities in the planning, execution, documentation, management and reporting of inspection, compliance, integrity, repair, O&M and other in the field activities.  It makes “office-to-field-to-office” work and data flows seamless. Learn more about Corrivo