Novara’s Corrivo technology platform provides a full loop (“office-to-field-to-office”) process management that helps pipeline operators and utilities in the planning, execution, documentation, management and reporting of inspection, compliance, integrity, repair, O&M, and other in-the-field activities. Corrivo makes "end to end" workflow and data flow seamless. 

Corrivo is a Mobile Computing Solution for Compliance & Field Operations Support

Our proven industry processes for data modeling and analytics have helped many clients. Corrivo allows users to view program performance, eliminate paperwork, and quickly access field observations in real-time so that managers can make informed decisions. This solution gives users control to prioritize in-the-field activities, plus it allows for easy activity monitoring and reporting.

Corrivo has out of the box modules. The Leak survey module helps gas utilities successfully execute leak surveys in a defendable and trackable manner, plus improve data quality assurance through error reduction. The areial patrol module helps pipeline companies integrate Corrivo into existing work order management systems, thus eliminating the need for post flight reporting. It includes pipeline centerlines on the map so the pilot knows where they are at with respect to the Right-of-Way at all times. Corrivo also creates feature classes that can be used in a company's own business intelligence solutions.

Users find that Corrivo is:

  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Database Agnostic
  • Easy to Learn, Configure and Use

Novara also provides a comprehensive scope of regulatory compliance and assurance services to help the operator’s understand the federal and state regulations under which they must operate and comply.

Gain critical insight into field activities and eliminate paperwork.

Not only does Corrivo allow field technicians to do on-the-fly corrections when needed but users can also capture the regulatory information needed to protect their organization in case of an event. This mobile solution gives users the control to prioritize surveys and visual inspections, report on their process, and enables support for all field operations, maintenance and 49 CFR Part 192 compliance work. This customizable solution also allows for quick assigning and reassigning of crews and reviewing of data. By eliminating paperwork, users often see data improvements and increased productivity with this automated system.

Corrivo simplifies the workflow and works with your existing systems so you get the most out of your investments.

Corrivo is a competitive mobile field data collection solution. There is one fluid process to integrate with your ERP/EAM, WMIS, MMS, CIS/COS, GIS and EDMS systems. Users can assign, monitor, track and assess daily operations quickly, easily and efficiently. It features a seamless two-way interaction between the field and corporate back-office systems of record. Users often see data improvements and increased productivity with this automated system because it eliminates paperwork.

Download the Corrivo brochure and request a demo to see this solution in action.