Utilities Solutions

Flexible Geospatial Solutions for Utilities

Novara offers utilities a scalable geospatial platform to meet any design, as-built, pipeline asset management, maintenance, budgeting and community engagement needs. The implementation of this robust platform can be completed all at once or over time to work with any budget.  Its flexible setup can be run from internal servers or a Utility can have Novara host and manage the solution.

The foundation of the solution is Esri’s ArcGIS suite, used for asset management, design, as-built integration and mapping. Mobile and field users work with proven mobile solutions to collect data in a connected or disconnected mode. Field work is managed using the Esri or CartoPac technologies which can work alone or be integrated with the organization’s work management solution. Executives can engage through customizable dashboards that include easy to understand maps and measures of your key performance indicators. Our asset management software allows you to add or update critical asset information with minimal effort. 

Using this powerful interface, you can complete your daily activities, quickly produce detailed maps and reports, and generate the information needed by your organization.

A powerful geospatial approach to asset management that enables users to map and fully meet design, asbuilt, field, compliance and DIMP requirements.

Novara also offers a Leak Survey Solution to help gas utilities successfully execute leak surveys in a defendable and trackable manner. Users can successfully capture the regulatory information needed to protect the organization in case of an event. This solution gives users control to prioritize surveys, report on their process and enables support for all field operations, maintenance and 49 CFR Part 192 compliance work. Supervisors can quickly and effortlessly monitor the compliance status of pipeline segments just by glancing at the pre-set color codes.  The customizable solution allows for quick assigning and reassigning of crews and the review of data. Users often see data improvements and increased productivity with this automated system because it eliminates paperwork. Learn more