Novara offers a wide range of consulting and solutions for oil and natural gas pipeline industries at upstream, midstream and downstream. Some of our top solutions address:

  • High Consequence Areas (HCA);
  • Class Location;
  • MAOP calculations;
  • ILI data management;
  • Compliance regulations;
  • Reporting;
  • Job management;
  • and overall pipeline data maintenance.

Our Intrepid® solution consists of a comprehensive suite of high-performance modular software applications that can be implemented as stand-alone software applications or seamlessly integrated and deployed across the operator’s enterprise. As such, Intrepid® has become a proven and critical component of many organization’s compliance, asset and integrity management.  It can reach and support users across the entirety of an organization and meet its many stakeholder user requirements.  It makes asset and operational information readily accessible to them and most importantly, will provide them with the application functionality, workflow support and data critical to meeting their and the organization’s day-to-day operational support needs.

Clients can take advantage of our Intrepid® Work in Progress extension to easily bulk data load. If using a PODS data model, clients can utilize the Intrepid® PODS DataLoader to load data and save precious time.

Novara's user-friendly compliance tools are built around federal regulations.

With an emphasis on safety, Novara’s compliance solutions have a positive impact by providing users with flexible and user-friendly compliance tools built around federal and state regulations. These solutions not only improve decision-making by putting the most up-to-date information in your field and office teams’ hands, but they also offer support for emergency response situations. Each solution is easy to configure, easy to use and will enhance the quality of your pipeline data. The company, its regulatory compliance experts, and technologists are well versed with both PHMSA and local state regulations and keep current regarding the impact that inspection protocols, frequently asked questions (FAQs), NTSB incident investigation reports, advisory bulletins, notices of proposed rulemaking and enforcement guidelines have on the operator’s compliance with those regulations. Our Compliance program development and implementation includes support for PHMSA 49 CFR § 192 & § 195 code compliance requirements including Damage Prevention, Emergency Response, Operations & Maintenance, and Public Awareness.