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For more than 30 years, Novara has specialized in the design, development and application of geospatial solutions that combine geography, data and analysis.  These solutions increase transparency and data accuracy within organizations to allow clients to make informed decisions even in the most complex scenarios. Novara develops easy-to-use integrity management solutions that address multifaceted geospatial problems, for organizations large and small. Novara prides itself on being relationship-focused, dedicated and determined to find successful solutions.

If you need a new GIS or have an existing advanced GIS platform, Novara GeoSolutions can quickly and efficiently partner with you to address your evolving needs. Our solutions allow you to take complex spatial data, simplify the output and create easy to understand reports. We automate tasks so your job is easier and provide information and tools to manage your assets efficiently, cost-effectively, and accurately at every level of the organization. Executives can view critical metrics, identify trends and devise new management strategies. Managers and Supervisors will be empowered to assign, track, forecast and pull reports. Additionally, your field crews will have easy-to-use mobile solutions and support tools at their fingertips.

Novara GeoSolutions (Novara) is a market-leading geospatial software and services company.