< Exprodat Partners Across the Atlantic with NOVARA GeoSolutions

Exprodat Partners Across the Atlantic with NOVARA GeoSolutions

Posted on 15 October 2015

Exprodat, the UK-based oil and gas GIS services, software and training supplier, has partnered with USA-based Novara GeoSolutions, a CHA Company, to provide implementation services around the Intrepid pipeline management system, throughout Europe.

Both companies are Esri Gold Partners and both have been extremely successful in building their businesses within different areas of the oil and gas industry; Exprodat provides GIS-based services and software to the 'upstream' exploration and production departments, whilst Novara GeoSolutions (formerly Coler & Colantonio) supports 'downstream' clients build and manage their transport and delivery pipeline networks.

Since Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are enterprise-wide in many oil and gas companies, it is vital that qualified staff is available to support deployments of the technology in applications spanning the oil field lifecycle. To ensure that Exprodat continues to meet customer demand it has worked in partnership with Novara to ensure Exprodat staff are able to implement and support Intrepid.

Exprodat's Technical Director Chris Jepps explains more about the thinking behind the partnership; "Exprodat's focus has traditionally been on upstream GIS deployments, leading to Exprodat being recognised as the market leader in implementing Esri's ArcGIS platform within petroleum exploration and new ventures departments. The success of these projects has led to our customers deploying the ArcGIS platform to other parts of their business, as well as to Exprodat being engaged to support GIS projects further downstream, such as in operations, pipeline and oil spill response."

"Exprodat joined the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) Association in 2013, and our partnership with Novara GeoSolutions enables us to further broaden our services in the pipeline space, while leveraging the success of Intrepid. We're really looking forward to working with more closely with Novara GeoSolutions in the future, and helping support their implementations of IntrepidTM throughout Europe."

Novara is well positioned to take advantage of our successes in North America and continue to expand our footprint internationally. We have executed a number of successful projects abroad and have come to learn that having a solid plan, and partner, for any region is critical to our continued success.

Leveraging on Exprodat's solid Esri foundation we feel that this partnership is exactly what is required for us to move forward in the European marketplace. With the wider adoption of PODS, and the solid foundation of the Esri platform, we are very encouraged that this partnership will lead to exciting opportunities for both of our organizations."

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