Pipeline Week October 3-5

Session: Asset Management

By Matthew Thomas
From Home Grown to Home Run - Implementing a Pipeline GIS with an Eye on the Future
Tuesday, October 3, 2017 from 2:30 - 3:00 PM

For years, American Midstream had managed their pipeline assets in a custom, "home grown" geodatabase. Critical infrastructure was located and mapped along with the data attributes to drive compliance. As the volume of data and regulatory requirements have increased, it was time for the system to evolve. Novara GeoSolutions has partnered with American Midstream to strategically migrate their data into a multi-user, enterprise platform. The new workflow driven solution improves data access across their organization and integrates tools from American Innovations and Novara. With the quality data as a foundation, the new platform for editing and sharing the information positions American Midstream to easily expand their system across multiple departments as well leverage new technologies as they mature within the industry.

Session: Mobility

By Jake Opdahl
From Ditch to Database: Comprehensive Digital As-Builts Integrated with PODS
Thursday, October 5, 2017 from 12:00 - 12:30 PM

Pipeline operators are constantly faced with the need to utilize technology to address many aspects of their daily work. The drive for better, more efficient as-built solutions has led many to look at digital/GPS based as-builting solutions. One issue with utilizing advanced technology is the bottleneck that this can create on the "back end", when trying to get this data into the system of record. This presentation will look at two separate technologies, on the data collection side and the PODS data management side, that have integrated solutions to provide a cohesive process for the GPS-based as-builting, document management and pipeline data maintenance to ensures accurate data, in the field and in the office. Novara GeoSolutions has integrated with CartoPac to provides a seamless system for data capture, data review and approval to support comprehensive pipeline data management systems. The presentation will look at both iOS or Windows based data capture, and discuss how users perform bulk data loading in a secure sandbox for QAQC and final submittal and approval to production. This example highlights how operators can implement flexible and proven workflows that pipeline companies need to ensure their systems reflect what's in the field.